Can I set a different default late fee or sales tax?

You can. All of these options can be found by clicking on the Settings link at the top of the page. Then, hit theInvoice Details button in the sidebar on the right.

For late fees, select one of four options from the Late Fees pulldown menu: No late fee, 1% per month, 1.5% per month or 2% per month.

Check the Sales Tax box if you want sales tax applied by default on every invoice. (Late fee and sales tax options can also be changed on each invoice, regardless of the defaults.)

If you need to use a different sales tax rate, click on the Change this link and type in a new percentage.

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    Azita Fazli Obregon

    The sales tax rate in my province has changed from 12% to 5%. I went into the Settings and changed the sales tax rate to 5%. However it does not automatically update the sales tax on my recurring invoices. What can I do to auto-change the tax rate on my recurring invoices. I really really do not want to re-create all my recurring invoices. Help!!!!

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    Patrick Dodd

    Thanks Azita! We'll be in touch with you here soon.

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