How do I give someone else access to create invoices?

If you’d like to give another user permission to use your Blinksale account, you can do so by hitting the People tab at the top of the page, then clicking on the Add Person link under your company’s listing. This will bring up a form where you can enter your person’s contact information and give her a user name and password.

Once you’ve got that all filled it (every field but the phone number fields is required), hit Save Person and immediately email (or call, or singing telegram) your associate with her user name and password. She’ll now be able to log in to Blinksale using those credentials.

Note that only Silver, Gold and Platinum users are able to add users in this way.

For the record, any additional users you set up are allowed to create, edit, and delete invoices, as well as send thank-you messages and payment reminders. They do not have access to your account settings, such as company information, subscription plans, or your payment method. And that’s how you’d want it to be, right?

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