How do I send a thank you note?

Once an invoice is closed, you can follow it up with a custom thank you message to your client. To do this, first locate the invoice under the Dashboard or Invoices tab. Then click on the listing for the invoice that you want to follow up. You’ll see a Send Thank-You button in the sidebar on the right. Hit that to get the “Send a Thank-You” panel to appear.

Check the box next to the name of each person you want to receive your thank you message—including yourself, if you like. If you’ve set up a default thank you message, already, you’ll see the text of it in the message box. Otherwise, type your own gracious words in the box—remembering that you’re not only showing a courtesy to your client; you’re also giving them reason to come back for another project. Finally, select a template for your thank you message. Use the preview link if you need a visual cue.

After you’ve got your message ready to go, just hit the Send Thank-You button at the bottom of the panel. Courtesies away! Miss Manners would be proud.

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