How do I send a reminder?

Uh oh. Had a client fall off the face of the earth? Sometimes a client just needs that little extra push to get accounts settled. That’s where reminders come in.

Once an invoice has gone past due, you can follow it up with a custom reminder message to your client. To do this, first locate the invoice under the Dashboard or Invoices tab. Click on the listing for the invoice that you want to follow up, then hit the Send Reminder button in the sidebar on the right.

In the “Send Reminder” panel that appears, check the box next to the name of each person you want to receive your reminder message—including yourself, if you like. You’ll see your default reminder message in the message box. You can leave this message as-is, or type a more personalized missive, as seems best to you. Remember that you may want to work with this client again in the future! And in all fairness, you don’t know whether your client’s location might have been hit by a natural disaster, or by invading aliens.

After you’ve got your message ready to go, just hit the Send Reminder button at the bottom of the panel. Hopefully it will be just enough to get things moving along.


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    Lech Rzedzicki



    It seem that I can't send a reminder unless the the invoice is overdue?

    Why is that the case - ie to have a good relationship with the client, it's best that they pay on time, even if they need a litlle nudge.

    Having invoice go overdue is already a relationship gone sour IMO...

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